After failing to break the political stalemate in Lebanon the Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib steps down

With popular demands to bring reforms in Lebanon, especially after the catastrophic Beirut blasts, the Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib has failed to form a government

French President Emmanuel Macron
Middle East

Macron in Lebanon and Iraq, in Beirut promises: “We will not leave you”

In a very delicate moment in Lebanon’s life, French President Emmanuel Macron arrived on Monday in Beirut. Hundred years after the creation of the Lebanese…


Middle Eastern rich people’s profits during COVID-19 enough to pay Beirut blast repair bill, Oxfam shows

The assets of the twenty-one richest people in the Middle East have improved by more than double the amount needed to reconstruct explosion-stricken capital of

Middle East

Lebanon approves state of emergency; rights groups raise concerns over threat to freedom

Lebanese Parliament on Thursday approved a state of emergency in the aftermath of widespread protests across the country against the mishandling of national affairs by


Turkish mercenaries and armaments expose Libya to the risk of a massacre like Beirut

The militarization of oil facilities, the presence of mercenaries as well as the military escalation increases the risks that hydrocarbons and chemicals stored at oil


Beirut blast sparks anger in people, protestors raise call for government to quit

On Sunday, Central Beirut turned into a battle ground as over 10,000 protestors, gathered at Martyrs’ Square, tried to storm into the Parliament, government ministries

Beirut explosion

Beirut explosion: Officials warned over 10 times about piled explosives at the port

On Friday, Lebanon officials said that the catastrophic blast near Beirut port could have been averted as frequent warnings were sent to the government authorities


Beirut explosion: Ammonium nitrate, what is it and why is used by extremists

Ammonium nitrate is “good” and useful for making fertilizers. But it becomes “bad” when mixed with other substances. And even more lethal if it comes