Coalition Government Hangs By Budget Approval In Israeli Marathon Vote Saga Starting Today


Israel IsraelIt’s a big day for Israel after it victory to oust Benjamin Netanyahu and bring in a coalition government that is currently being run by Neftali Bennett. Israel is all geared up towards a marathon voting that will decide the fate of their first national budget to be passed and running for the next three years.

But this is going to be uphill task owing to the fact that there is a coalition government that is working its way into resurrecting trust in the hearts of Israelis.

Lawmakers are aware that a failure to pass the budget by November 14, would mean dismantling the government that has been functioning well for the last one year. This will trigger the starting of yet another election, and a possible fissure for Netanyahu comeback.

The coalition includes eight parties from across the political spectrum and has a razor-thin margin of 61 seats in the 120-member assembly. If Netanyahu and his allies can peel away just one defector the budget could fail to pass, but most expect it will, if only because the coalition is firmly united against him.

The fate of the current government rests on the success of the budget being passed in voting. In the words of Bennet, this would push back opposition and stop them in their tracks from forcing a ‘fifth election and toppling of the budget. This is their goal.’

The Knesset, Israel’s parliament, is expected to begin voting on hundreds of amendments in a marathon session leading up to a final vote Thursday or Friday. The government has given itself a 10-day window ahead of the hard deadline in case there are any surprises.

While the fragile coalition has put up a brave fight against Netanyahu’s dictatorship, in order the sense of composure, and fair governance continues, it is important for the budget to pass.



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