Erdogan to Visit Kuwait and Qatar

Wednesday, 07, Oct, 2020. According to the Turkish president’s office, Erdogan will visit Kuwait and Qatar on Wednesday. He will offer his condolences to the

David Schenker

Top US diplomat for Middle East proceeds for tour to Kuwait, Lebanon and Qatar

US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker on Friday departed from Washington for a 8-day visit to three countries in the


Qatari Plans Of Second Arab Spring Crushed

In a strange tactic of creating a wave of unrest and public upheaval in tune with the previous ‘Arab Spring’ saga, Qatar is being implicated

National flag of Kuwait
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Corona Crisis – Kuwaiti Lawmaker calls for remittance tax to plug-in wealth drain

As countries try to revive their economy after months of lockdown since the outbreak of coronavirus, there is a tendency to look more inwards and become self-reliant….

COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak in Kuwait
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COVID19 Pandemic: Kuwait talks about ‘rationalized’ govt. spending amid crisis

An unprecedented event like the COVID19 crisis can severely challenge existing templates of business and economy. Companies are searching for newer ways to look at

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Oil Production Slashed Worldwide At May 1 Deadline Under Pandemic Pressure

As the world continues to follow social distancing norms and shutdowns, the demand for crude is hit rock bottom, forcing the Kingdom and Kuwait to

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FBI is looking for a man in Kuwait selling fake stockpile of 39 million masks

The FBI is seeking a man in Kuwait for a fake mask sale to the United States government. The Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday