Reports claims satellite-controlled gun operated through AI used to kill Iranian scientist

According to a recent report, latest investigations hinted that the Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was killed through a satellite-controlled machine gun, which was powered

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The European Union tries to save the nuclear deal with Iran

The European Union Vice-president and Foreign Affairs High Representative, Joseph Borrell, announced Wednesday that the EU is preparing for a meeting of ministers of State


Iran warns nuclear enrichment as a response to US sanctions and nuclear scientist’s assassination

As an impulsive move to the recent assassination of its nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iranian hardline leaders threatened to increase the Islamic Republic’s nuclear enrichment


Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, killed

Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was assassinated on Friday in an ambush attack on his car in a district east of Tehran. As per