The Ongoing Battle for Kuwait and Women

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Kuwait is facing an increase in gender-based crimes in its region. The report on honor killings exposed appalling gender practices in Kuwaiti society and its legal norms.

The bad condition of showing masculinity supported by the patriarchal system is the reason for the increase in the number of murders, especially of women. The men of the family and relatives perform it. But Now With Every Single Case Of Crime Against Women, There Is Growing Anger In Society.

‘sharaf’ and the honor killing is seeming as the suspected eyes of the people, they are seen as interconnected. Let me tell you that ‘Sharaf’ is an Arabic word that is translated as respect regarding the sexuality of women and the responsibility of men to protect their female relatives. Honor killing is a social practice that is integrated and repeated within certain communal groups.

There is an interrelationship between these two threads which is creating danger and fear for women. Because in this case family easily kill their female family member who behaves dishonorably.

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This is causing concern as people and social norms say that it is like washing away the insult with blood. Along with this, many national laws are seeing an increase in honor killings.

People in Kuwait are facing a high rate of honor killing in the region, but they are hoping it will change with the recent parliamentary elections. There is in recent some time representation of women in the parliaments has increased. They are on their way to making some positive changes for women, The first domestic violence law was passed in the Kuwaiti parliament in August 2020. It aimed to protect women, and a hotline is established in the region for registering complaints, and many more.

For women to live their lives free from violence and freely but the country needs education programs for knowledge of gender equality, and reformative laws need to be implemented. The practice of honor killings should be prohibited.

But till now there is no change in the ground and it is essential to coordinate and unite all the leaders of the country to deal with and solve the problems with women. Women constitute half of the country’s population, and their rights are equal to those of men. Violation of women’s rights is a human rights issue and at the same time, feminists around the world should look into this matter.



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