The United Nations: Sudan’s crisis is not over, and the Burhan and Hamdok agreement is not ideal


Sudan SudanThe Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Sudan, Volker Perthes, said on Friday that although the military and the civilian prime minister reached a power-sharing agreement on November 21 to release his detention and return him to his office, the country’s political crisis has not ended yet.

Perthes said : ‘The agreement faces the opposition of a large group of Sudanese, including various organizations, parties and women’s groups, and some of them agree that this coup was a betrayal and refuse to negotiate or partner with the army, and the Resistance Committee continues to demonstrate and demand civilian rule.’

The Sudanese military seized power on October 25 and arrested dozens of officials of the country’s transitional government, including Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok. The military stated that a coup d’état is necessary to maintain the stability of Sudan in the internal fighting between the military and civilian parties in the ruling sovereign committee.

Perthes continued, ‘The agreement that was reached between General Al-Burhan and the Prime Minister on November 12th is neither perfect nor excellent, but it helped to avoid more bloodshed.’ He stressed ‘the importance of dialogue and that the UN is ready to facilitate an inclusive dialogue to address outstanding issues regarding the transitional period and to address other constitutional issues within the framework of the constitution-making process.’

‘Sudan’s military and civilian leaders must take measures to rebuild confidence and a clear commitment to the path toward democracy,’ he said. The protests continue in Sudan despite Al-Burhan and Hamdok’s announcement of the signing of a new agreement on November 21, stipulating the latter’s return to his post about a month after his dismissal, and the formation of a government of competencies (without party affiliation).



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