Top Arab Web Series To Watch In 2023

List of Top 5 Arab Web Series

An intriguing lineup of series and movies will be introduced to the global streaming platform as Netflix maintains its mission to support regional storytelling from Arab storytellers and swiftly develop its broad library of Arabic content for all audiences.

This new collection of Arabic titles is a highly awaited glimpse into the lifestyles, cultures, and abilities of the Arab world, debuting a wide variety of best-in-class cinematic masterpieces.

The carefully chosen collection of movies includes material from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Egypt.

It also includes melodramatic unscripted television and cartoon comedies, as well as psychological thrillers and historical dramas.

List of Top 5 Arab Web Series To Watch In 2023

Check out the list below to find out which top Arabic movies from Netflix MENA will be accessible to add to your growing watchlist.

1. Dubai Bling

Meet the ten self-made millionaires living their wildest dreams in Bling City, Dubai, amid their successful, opulent, and spectacular social circle.

Expect a lot of gossip, drama, and sassy clapbacks from well-known figures like radio host Kris Fade and his wife Brianna Ramirez, Saudi TV host and actress Lojain Omran, Emirati DJ Marwan Al Awady and his wife Danya Mohammed, aka Diva Dee, as well as influencers, socialites, and businesspeople who are the best in their fields like Zeina Khoury, Safa Si On October 27 of this year, the eight-episode Arabic real-life based series is scheduled to premiere globally.

2. The Exchange

The Exchange is a fascinating narrative about two pioneering women who challenge the corrupt boys club of Kuwait’s financial sector.

It is set in Kuwait in the late 1980s. Nadia Ahmad, a well-known TV host, actor, and activist, collaborated with Anne and Adam Sobel to write the workplace drama.

It is directed by Kuwaiti director Jasem AlMuhanna and Egyptian director Karim Elshenawy. The movie’s release date is early 2023.

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3. Alkhallat+

Based on the popular digital program Alkhallat, produced by Telfaz11 and originally shown in 2017, this satirical thriller movie has gained more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube and other social media.

The movie will showcase four thrilling comeback tales of social deceit and deception in four unlikely locations, bringing the greatest elements of this adored Saudi program to life.

The movie, which is set to premiere next year, portrays Aziz Alshehri, Mohamed Aldokhie, Ibraheem Alkhairallah, Ibraheem Alhajjaj, Fahad Albutairi, Suhaib Godus, Ziyad Alamri, and Ismail Alhassan. It is directed by Fahad Alammari.

4. The Matchmaker

A psychological thriller web series with a supernatural bent set in AlUla that addresses themes like betrayal and morality on a universal level.

Hussam Alharthy, Reem AlHabib, and Nour Alkhadra feature in Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan’s upcoming early 2023 release.

5. Masameer County Season 2 (Saudi Arabia)

The eagerly anticipated cartoon will return as a sequel in 2023. It is a youth-focused show that documents the rapidly evolving face of Saudi Arabia and humorously tackles hitherto taboo themes.



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