Top 10 Arab Tiktokers In 2024 With Huge Fan Following

Top 10 Arab Tiktokers

Unquestionably, TikTok is the most well-liked social media network among Generation Z. There are more than 1 billion users of the app worldwide.

Being “tik-tok famous” is a big thing since it denotes that an account or individual has amassed significant influence and a sizable fan base and has been validated by the app.

There are many different genres and subgenres of tik-tok, including cooking videos, dancing clips, lifestyle visuals, and more. However, there is also an entire universe of amazing Arab Tik-Tokers who have become well-known. Each of these verified influencers has an astounding million or more followers.

List of Top 10 Arab Tiktokers In 2024

Here we have created a list of Top 10 Arab Tiktokers In 2024 who are very popular content creators with huge fan following.

Adwa AlAsiri (@the.adwa)

This Saudi TikToker’s ability to make relatable content has allowed her to gain over 400k followers.

Ghalia Khadra (@gigikhadraa)

In addition to being the younger sister of Simi, Haze, and Fai, Ghalia Khadra has used TikTok to establish her own brand and step out of the spotlight. The Palestinian queen is the subject of our obsession.

Maria Taktouk (@mariataktouk)

Maria Taktouk captured people’s hearts by simply being, herself. You really need to see this stunning Lebanese TikToker on our FYP.

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Toufic Braidi (@toufiluk)

This well-liked TikToker from Lebanon is well-known for his humorous sketches and skits on both TikTok and Instagram. Additionally, he recently worked with musician and fellow TikToker Chiara King.

Dalal AlDoub (@dalalidofficial)

You can be sure that this Kuwaiti influencer has a ton of excellent stuff planned for you given that she has over 126K followers. She shares a ton of advice on TikTok, whether it’s about fashion or beauty.

Natasha Aris (@natashaaris)

Natasha is a well-known female TikToker from the Middle East who also holds a degree in interior design. On TikTok, the Lebanese content maker reveals her beauty and fashion tips.

Karen Wazen (@karenwazen)

Karen Wazen, a Lebanese fashion entrepreneur and Cosmo ME cover model, is one of the top social media influencers living in Dubai.

She is not only the first woman from the Middle East to represent the brand internationally for Roberto Cavalli, but she is also one of the beloved and well-known Middle Eastern Tiktokers.

MoVlogs (@mo_vlogs)

MoVlogs is one of the most popular YouTubers in the Middle East, uploading vlogs on a daily basis.

Pookie (@pookieateacookie)

Pookie creates some of the most amusing food-related content in the UAE giving people evaluations for some of the most well-known locations. You’ll see Pookie on your FYP because of her nearly 1 million likes and over 30,000 followers on TikTok.

Mahmoud Shanaa (@moodyshanaa)

This Palestinian TikToker is making us chuckle with his films about Arab moms, university blunders, and what it’s actually like to study abroad.

It has become a daily habit for us to swipe through our FYPs since TikTok launched three years ago. TikTok has over a billion users who are actively using it, making it the most downloaded app since 2021.

You know the strength Tiktok possesses, and you might adore it. Daily creative material production is so prolific that we felt the need to compile a list of Top 10 Arab Tiktokers in 2022.



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