Turkey and Qatar enters into deal with Taliban on running airport of Kabul


Afghanistan AfghanistanTurkey and Qatar have entered into an agreement with the Taliban on running the international airport of Kabul. Four other airports of Afghanistan will also be operated under this agreement.,The parties representing Turkey and Qatar held productive negotiations during the meeting.They agreed to create technical groups to manage the operations of all the airports. The Anadolu news agency reported the news on Friday.

Turkey and Qatar agreed to jointly operate Kabul International Airport

According to the sources, Turkey and Qatar have agreed to jointly manage the Kabul International Airport of Afghanistan. The delegations representing Turkey and Qatar will visit the Afghanistan capital to continue the joint work, Sputnik reported. Earlier, the Qatari technical team had repaired Kabul International Airport after the United States (US) withdrawal was completed in August.

United States President Joe Biden sent thousands of troops to the airport when the Taliban took control over Afghanistan in August. The withdrawal decision was taken to help American citizens, at-risk Afghanistan citizens and other foreigners who wanted to flee from the country. Reportedly, many people wanted to leave the country at that time. They were all afraid of the Taliban fighters.

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Suspension of international and local flights in Afghanistan

When the Taliban took control over Afghanistan in August, international and local flights were suspended at Kabul’s international airport and across Afghanistan due to large crowds seeking to flee Afghanistan. The situation at the Kabul airport remained tense ever since the Taliban fighters came into Kabul without encountering any resistance.

Talibans gained full control over Kabul within a few hours in August. At that time, Anadolu Agency reporters said that multiple people were wounded because of the firing around the airport. Reportedly, people anxiously waited at the airport gates in hope of leaving the country. However, gunshots were fired into the air to disperse the crowd.



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