United Nations: Dialogue to resolve the post-coup crisis in Sudan starts today


Sudan SudanThe United Nations Mission in Sudan said that consultations will begin on Monday, with the aim of starting direct negotiations to resolve the political crisis in the country after the October coup.

The military’s seizure of power disrupted a transition process leading to elections, during which the military had agreed to share power with civilian groups after President Omar al-Bashir was ousted in a 2019 uprising. The coup also halted an economic opening during which Sudan began to emerge from decades of isolation and sanctions. A crackdown by the security forces on repeated mass protests since the coup has killed more than 60 civilians and injured many more.

United Nations Special Representative Volker Peretz said in a press conference in Khartoum today, Monday, that the initial talks, which will start later today, will require wide-ranging individual consultations aimed at moving to a second stage of direct or indirect negotiations between the various parties.

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‘We want to move quickly… We will start this afternoon with the first group of civil society,’ he added. We will talk daily with many stakeholders.” He added that it would be difficult to set a time frame for the start of negotiations. ‘Time is precious, we know that,’ he added. There is a lot of pressure on the situation in Sudan and on us.”

Unless a new path to transition and a path to credible elections is found, analysts and diplomats say, Sudan’s economic plight may worsen and instability will spread within and beyond its borders. ‘I hope that these consultations will become a confidence-building measure, and at least help reduce violence,’ Peretz said.



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