Is Sudan Doomed After PM Quits?


Sudan SudanAll is not well in Sudan, again. Despite the PM deciding to take a step back with the military power, there is not all peace in Sudan. In November, Sudan’s top general Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan (L) and PM Abdalla Hamdok had signed a deal to restore the transition to civilian rule in the country. The youth was not happy with this arrangement, who had selected, Mr. Hamdok, in the hope of better and fair governance.

But with the PM having decided to step down, the streets are filling up with pro-democracy crowds and protests, yet again. A military coup had conspired in October of last year, and could not let the government sustain itself. Almost two weeks before the military coup, Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan had mercilessly dissolved the government, as well as the ruling joint military-civilian Sovereign Council — that was supposed to lead the country toward full civilian rule. Burhan also declared a state of emergency and detained Sudan’s civilian leadership.

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Streets were crying mayhem and all against any peaceful resolution with the military. But Hamdok had his reasons who said that this would at least give him the chance to keep some of his promises to his people. While a grassroots revolution had ousted the long-term dictator Omar Al- Bashir in 2019, the dream of a democracy still evades Sudan. It has now become evident that despite the civilian and protest leaders along with the military reaching a power-sharing arrangement thereafter, the goal of transitioning to full civilian rule has not come through. Further, the new constitution and democratic elections is a far cry.

Political analysts believe that this is the dangerous impasse Sudan finds itself in. On one side, protesters and activists, determined to secure Sudan’s democratic transition; on the other, a military determined to entrench itself. Hamdok’s departure didn’t really change the stakes for either side, but it exposed very real and dangerous fractures.



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