Sudan’s Prime Minister resigns after protest threatens the stability of the nation


Sudan SudanOwing to the constant struggle for life and infighting among the groups, the Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdalla Hamdok, has resigned yesterday. There was a massive protest against the government and administrative powers which made Hamdok take this decision.

Many of the civilians came on streets and targeted the government’s stand on partnering with the military to share power at the centre stage. After a few months of full takeover of the nation, the Sudanese army decided to talk and get into terms with the leadership but things were spoiled further after trust did not stay intact.

The protestors came in with full potential as they chante ‘power of people’ as they demanded return to full civilian rule. As soon as their protest was gaining rhythm, the military forces once again staged another violent crackdown which also led to the death of two people.

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Now that Hamdok has given up on his position, the military is left with full control over the nation exactly how it was after the coup took place in October. With this, the process to bring back a civilian government and get Sudan back on track with its affairs have once again spoiled.

It was a huge point of differentiation for the country as it was transitioning to civilian governance after the popular uprising led to the overthrow of Sudan’s long-term authoritarian President Omar al-Bashir in 2019. Sudanese coup drained the best parts of the development with regards to the mindset and set a new low for the country where once again the power of guns and violence rules.

While addressing the people in a televised interview, Hamdok said that he tries his best to stop the nation from going into a complete disaster mode but “despite everything that has been done to reach a consensus… it has not happened”.



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