US Accuses Huawei For Unfair Back Door To Access Data

Earlier it was Trump administration which was accused of using unfair means to access personal data of immigrant movement.

Earlier it was Trump administration which was accused of using unfair means to access personal data of immigrant movement. Now it is them blaming the Chinese of using technology which allows them to access sensitive user data through a back door.

According to a trusted media agency, U.S. officials have confirmed that Huawei Technologies Co. has covertly accessed mobile-phone networks around the world. Apparently, US officials are accusing the technological conglomerate of using technology that has been designed for use by law enforcement. This, is is said, is being done by Washington to try to persuade allies to exclude the Chinese company from their networks.

While the U.S. has complaint that Huawei has held this technology for more than a decade, it was never disclosed by any of the American intelligence. Strangely, this intel has come on at a time when Trump administration has been held up for using private companies to access the movement of individuals to track them across the Mexico-America border.  The U.S. kept the intelligence highly classified until late 2019.

It is only then that the U.S. officials have provided details to allies including the U.K. and Germany. This has been confirmed by officials from the three countries. According to political analysts, this looks like a tactical turnabout by the U.S., which in the past had argued that it didn’t need to produce hard evidence of the threat it says Huawei poses to nations’ security.

The U.S. officials till date, have declined to say whether the U.S. has observed Huawei using this access. However they have openly accused China’s largest telecommunication company of secretly accessing sensitive and personal information in systems it maintains and sells around the world.

The UK does not seem to be influenced with this new revelation. Despite heavy lobbying from the Trump administration, the UK agreed to continue to allow Huawei gear in the noncore parts of its latest 5G network build-out. British officials recently said that the information about Huawei presented to them by U.S. officials in January 2020 wasn’t new and had already been factored into their analysis of the possible threat from the Chinese telecom gear. Watch more about Arab News Latest, Arab Politics News.



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