What will Change if Trump Becomes the US President Again?

what it means for the middle east if donald trump becomes the us president again

Officially surpassing the required delegate count, Donald Trump will be the Republican contender in the 2024 presidential contest, therefore confirming what many had expected. This paves the foundation for a maybe stormy election season as Trump tries a comeback to the White House.

Unstakable Force of the GOP

For those who feel the Republican Party has changed under Trump, his dominance in the GOP primary highlights his ongoing influence. Not even rising stars like Ron DeSantis can be a big challenge. Trump’s multiple legal issues, including a federal trial on claims about the 2020 election, do not deter his fans. Recent decisions by the Supreme Court allowing Trump to remain on the Colorado ballot and postponing his federal trial affirm his path to the nomination. According to recent polls, Trump’s supporters still believe his legal issues have little bearing on their political objective and focus more on his political agenda.

Biden’s Problems and the Election Environment

Particularly among young voters and Arab and Muslim Americans dissatisfied with his approach of the Israel-Hamas conflict, Joe Biden, the probable Democratic nominee, suffers declining approval ratings and growing resentment. Should Biden fail to counter these trends, Trump has a great chance of winning a second term. A Trump victory raises issues regarding prospective consequences on domestic as well as international affairs.

Domestic policies include immigration, abortion, and climate change

In a probable second term, Trump proposes a rigorous immigration strategy aiming to eradicate “Biden migrant crime” by closing borders and deportations of notable numbers of people. Apart from establishing migrant camps, he plans to mass deportations employing military and National Guard forces. Though he has not backed a national ban, Trump’s views on abortion remain conservative; he is not likely to support projects aiming at safeguarding access to abortion. Under his climate plan, which also advocates more oil and gas development and a Paris Climate Agreement exit, Biden-era sustainable energy initiatives would be rolled back.

Foreign Policy: isolating the Middle East

Generally speaking, Trump’s foreign policy orientation is isolationist. Though he is somewhat quiet about the Israel-Hamas war, he supports Israel’s activities in Gaza. A second Trump government may see the continuation of his past policies, which occasionally advocate unilateral action above world cooperation. This approach may lead to additional conflicts in the Middle East particularly if Trump’s government takes a more aggressive stance there.

2025 Project: Heritage Foundation

The likely second term of Trump could have a major impact on Project 2025, an all-encompassing all-encompassing strategy developed by Heritage Foundation aimed to rebuild the executive branch. This 900-page analysis advocates significant conservative changes including corporate tax cuts, abortion restrictions, and the demolition of diversity, equality, and inclusion programs. Emphasizing Christian nationalism as well, it proposes rules restricting access to birth control and promoting traditional family configurations.

The Arab Influence

A second Trump presidency might cause terrible suffering in the Middle East. Trump’s past actions, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement, drastically transformed the regional situation. His support of Israel’s aggressive policies might escalate already high levels of conflict and undermine American ties to Arab nations even further. Moreover, his isolationist tendencies could reduce American involvement in Middle Eastern affairs, so creating a power vacuum available for use by other regional countries.

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Authoritarian Problems and American Democratic Course

Historians and political experts warn that a second Trump administration could jeopardize democratic values. Trump’s will to fill his government with loyalists and his inclination to disregard detractors might jeopardize the checks and balances that define American democracy. His attitude on political rivals and his proposed pardons for January 6 insurrectionists begs issues about the likelihood of developing dictatorship.

Trump’s return to the president would drastically change U.S. domestic and foreign policies, with far-reaching effects for the Middle East. Along with a more isolationist foreign policy, his strong opinions on immigration, abortion, and climate change might generate disturbance and further tensions in the region. As the 2024 fight approaches, U.S. democracy’s and international geopolitics’s stakes are more than ever.



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