Donald Trump becomes first US president found guilty of a crime in hush-money trial

donald trump becomes first us president found guilty of a crime in hush money trial

Donald Trump became the first US President to be found guilty of crime related to hush money by the New York Jury, months before the elections which could have led him to the White House.

Trump has been found guilty on each of the 34 counts in relation to falsifying business records to cover up a payment to silence porn star Stormy Daniels. Theoretically, he should be likely to end up in prison for 4 years for each count, but is more likely to receive probation.

The 77 years old politician who is with the Republicans, released without bail is now a felon, a startling fact for the country’s political system where the president is described as the most powerful person in the world. 

Trump’s and Biden’s Statement

Even if there is a slight possibility of the former president going to prison, Trump is continuing his campaigning from the courtroom and is the key for the Republicans in the election battle against Joe Biden’s Democrats and the accused has said that he is being framed. In a statement he told reporters, “I am an innocent man.” and that the real verdict would come from voters. He said the trial has been rigged and a disgrace to him and the system.

Seeing the trial results, the Democrats campaigning for Biden have released a statement that said the trial showed no one is above the law and went on to add that Trump is a threat to America’s Democracy.

New York Jury Statement

The 12 member Jury headed by Judge Juan Merchan set sentencing on 11th of July, 2024, just four days prior to Donald Trump getting the official nomination from his party at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

After an 11 hour debate stretching for more than two days, the jury gave their statement to the Foreman who read it out within a matter of minutes. The judge thanked the jury for their help whose identity has been kept secret as done for judgements of high profile mafia and terrorist cases.

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Other Alleged Claims against Donald Trump

Donald Trump is also convicted of keeping classified documents before leaving the white house along with conspiring against Joe Biden to overturn the 2020 election results by the State and Federal Law Department.

But those trials are yet to begin and are likely to start after the Presidential elections as they are mostly alleged claims and lack solid proof like the one he is charged now.

Where does the 2024 Prez Election stand  now?

The conviction does not put Trump out of the race to the white house. Even if he is likely to get some less votes due to the trial’s impact, it is likely that he can be seen campaigning again full fledgedly. If he is asked to be in home confinement, Trump can run virtual rallies and campaigns for the elections. As per Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter in law, who is also co-chairing his party, the former president can vote for himself in Florida if he stays out of the prison in New York City.

It is to be seen what the election results say on November 5 and who wins the tug of war for the white house. do watch our website closely for more updates. 



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