Where Does Algeria Stand Over Diplomatic Relations With Western Nations?


Algeria AlgeriaAlgeria is isolated and it is getting worst for this North African country. It is being called as a notorious nation that has got the title of a rogue state that is in defiance of international legitimacy or neighbourliness.

Take for example its behaviour towards Morocco that it has decided to isolate. It has broken its diplomatic ties with the nation, something that has been severely criticized by Western nations. As of now, Spain, France and other Arab nations have asked for a dialogue. Both countries share a geopolitical relationship that now stands hampered.

It happened in August this year when Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra made the announcement during a press briefing that they were breaking ties with Morocco. Before doing that, Lamamra made a long presentation in which he listed all his country’s grievances towards Morocco since Algeria’s independence in 1962.

On the center of its conflict is Algeria’s threat with Israel too. Algeria considers that the normalization of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel in December 2020 means the installation of a “Zionist vanguard” in the Maghreb. And this, it has claimed since December, constitutes a threat to its security.

And then Algeria made the cardinal mistake of speaking about an imaginary war in the Sahara. No wonder Algeria was served a blow by the UN Security Council which reiterated in its most recent resolution the need for Algeria to sit down in the negotiations table in order to find a mutually acceptable solution to the Sahara conflict.

Algeria denounced the resolution amid an international indifference to its narrative on the situation in the Sahara region including its unfounded accusations of Morocco concerning the targeting of two trucks in the area east of the berm.

At the helm is very bad leadership. It starts with the military regime of general Chengriha and his civilian puppet Tebboune. The latter is said to have taken in recent months a series of measures that left the country more isolated with an inaudible voice regionally and internationally.

Tebboune took a different stance this time, accusing Morocco of plotting against the Algerian football team in a spate of conspiracy theories that the Algerian people seem to have become accustomed to. The Algerian president also raised doubts as to the possibility of holding the Arab League summit in his country in March by using a conditional sentence.

Many observers believe that Algeria is not well-placed to host such an event in view of its hostile acts against Morocco, its connivance with Iran and its disrespect for sovereign decisions made by Gulf states. Further, Algeria has also poisoned its ties with France and is viewed more like a client than a strategic or reliable ally.

Algeria’s isolation in the Arab League is echoed in Africa where it run out of money to buy support as it did during the cold war era. Algeria has also lost its monopoly of the African Union’s Peace and Security Council which it has used to serve its Polisario proxy.



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