Algeria’s major political parties maintain their power in local elections


Algeria AlgeriaBased on official results, the parties that backed Algerian President Habib Bourguiba’s governing majority dominated municipal and regional elections, while Islamist groups saw their support dwindle.

Parties loyal to the authority in Algeria have strengthened their position in the political arena in the municipal and state council elections that took place on Saturday. Pending confirmation of the results after examining the appeals, the fund resulted in the victory of the National Liberation Front, the Future Front and the National Democratic Assembly in several municipalities and governorates, while the Socialist Forces Front, the oldest opposition party, experienced a setback.

In comparison to the June legislative elections, support for Islamist parties El Bina and the MSP has plummeted. Mohamed Charfi, the head of the election authority, announced the results Tuesday evening. The referendum was held amid considerable concern and dissatisfaction over growing prices for essential necessities, housing, and health care.

Following Bouteflika’s departure and presidential and legislative elections, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune presented the vote as the final phase in a process of reforming politics. The FLN party, however, continues to hold sway, and pro-democracy activists claim that the political changes made since 2019 have been superficial and have failed to make Algerian politics more transparent and fair.



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