Who is the Loser: Hamas Derailed Saudi-Israel Normalization

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As Israel-Hamas war rages on, questions are being raised whether the Gaza militant group launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood to derail the Saudi-Israel deal? Did it fear that Saudi and Israel, pushed by the US, would have sealed the deal in a handshake?

But Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said Saudi Arabia’s first priority was Palestine and the kingdom would settle for nothing except a two-state solution. So what triggered Hamas?  Was it MBS saying the deal with Israel would be “the biggest historic deal since the end of the Cold War”?

Hamas launched its attack but the civilians have had to pay the cost – with their lives.

Hamas Wants a Definite Solution for Palestine

Feeling that Palestine issue would once again be pushed under the carpet, Hamas took it upon itself to say enough is enough. After months of abuse at the hands of Israeli forces, and sacrilege of the sacred Al-Aqsa mosque, the international community watched on with a blind eye. However, the October 7 attack drew bewilderment and alarm from the West. The US, UK, France and broader Europe took sides with Israel and condemned the Hamas and Palestine.

Iran was the one of the first countries to stand up and take notice of the evolving humanitarian disaster. According to The Capitol Institute report, Hasan Nasrullah, secretary-general of Hezbollah, castigated the Saudi Crown Prince saying the Islamic world needs to take responsibility for the Palestinian people. “The Arab world must not abandon the Palestinians. The Zionists must hear the roars of the Muslim world.”

Nasrullah warned any country that signs a normalization agreement with Israel must be condemned and its actions denounced. Iran’s religious leaders, the Ayatollahs, also rebuked the Muslim countries for even thinking about normalizing relations with Israel.

But MBS has time and again brought light on the Palestinian issue with the US. And Washington has been reluctant to resolve it and push Israel to resolve it because of brotherhood. The US, especially the Biden administration has played the Israeli and anti-Semitic card close to hear. In an interview last month, Mohammed bin Salman clearly said that the Palestinian issue is very important. “We need to solve that part.”

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The latest humanitarian disaster in Gaza can be squarely put on the shoulders of the Hamas. The militant group was very much aware that Israel would not take the attack lying down. There would definitely be retaliation. And Israel has argued self-defense to its land and air strikes in Gaza. Now, it is pushing more than two million Palestinians to leave Gaza so that it can flush out the Hamas militants.

But Hamas is pushing the helpless Palestinians to stay. They say it’s their land. How many more will die. And now US also plays a major role in this latest Israel-Hamas war, with Antony Blinken already having visited the region twice in a couple of days. President Joe Biden is also expected to land in Israel to show his support for the elimination of Hamas.



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