Administrative Court Reverses Saied Arbitrary Sacking Of 50 Judges

Tunisian court

Tunisia TunisiaOne June 01, fifty judges lost their jobs in Tunisia. They were amongst the 57 that were apparently removed by the dictatorial PM Kais Saied. In a shocking reversal of his decision, the Tunisian administrative court has rubbished the move and reinstated the judges.

Political analysts believe this was a move to consolidate his power and he meant to pin on the judges’ charges of corruption in one way or the other. The suspension of the decision came after “all the investigation procedures were completed,” said court spokesman Imed Ghabri.

A systematic elimination has been ongoing under his rule since 2021. The biggest indicator of this is that last summer, the Tunisian president dismissed the government and seized executive power in a move his rivals called a coup before setting aside the 2014 constitution to rule by decree and dismissing parliament.

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With the support of his supporters, the referendum of the constitution has already played out, giving him huge access to power to make changes in the government without any restriction. In the court’s move, this movement of power has been curtailed to some extent.

He has already pushed through a new constitution. The ones who can see through him are shouting out loud slogan of a lost dream of democracy. In his arbitrary move to remove the judges, he has said that the judges had intentionally delayed the opening of investigations into corruption cases. He also said they were responsible for financial corruption, bribery, breaching integrity and hindering the tracking of suspects in terrorism cases.

Ironically, in July itself, the anti-corruption judge in Tunisia had frozen the accounts of ten people including the leader of the party Rached Ghannouchi and former Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali, a Financial Analysis committee member.



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