Israel Pitches US Against Iran Amid Hamas War

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The US has found itself face-to-face against Iran proxies in the Middle East despite not wanting to be dragged into a full-out war with Israel in its Hamas conflict. Iran-backed militant groups like Hezbollah have already thrown their support for Hamas and the Palestine cause.

There are skirmishes along Israel’s border with Lebanon and Syria, with the US striking Iran’s bases in Iraq to defend itself. Land and airstrikes continue in Gaza and hundreds more Palestinians, majority being children, get killed every day. But Israel and the US are not stepping back.

Condemnation of the atrocities and destruction in Gaza is at an all-time high. Now the US will go down in history with blood of thousands of Palestinians on its hands for aiding Israel against Palestine.

Its Israel Against Hezbollah and Other Groups

Baria Alamuddin, regional expert, believes an eruption on Israel’s northern border would bring an exponentially greater conflict, with Hezbollah boasting it has around 100,000 fighters and 150,000 rockets.

There’s Iraq’s Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi has more than 240,000 fighters, with affiliated forces in Syria and Yemen, as well as 190,000 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps soldiers, already deployed across the region. On the other hand, Israel has 170,000 active military personnel and 460,000 reservists. The IDF has committed around 300,000 soldiers near Gaza.

Looking at the numbers, it can be said that tables can easily be turned on Israel. But the US won’t let this happen. It’s inevitable for the US armed forces to jump in and help an ally.

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Israel’s Doing

Alamuddin says Hezbollah and Hamas very existence is the consequence of historic Israeli machinations. “This conflict is only possible because all sides created and provoked dangerous phenomena they could not control. Hezbollah was founded in the smoking ruins of Israel’s 1982 Lebanon invasion and Hamas’ expansion was credited to Israel’s cultivation of Palestine’s Islamist movement as a counterweight to the secular Palestine Liberation Organization.”

She explained that Benjamin Netanyahu’s evisceration of the two-state solution decimated Palestinian moderate and intellectual opinion. This left the armed Islamists as the only entities with supposedly viable strategies for resisting occupation.

For decades, Israel and Hamas enjoyed a symbiotic relationship. They cultivated each other for partisan political calculations. However, this relationship has now blown up in Israel’s face.



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