Afghanistan’s economic crisis deepens amid turmoil in Kabul

Afghanistan’s economic crisis

Afghanistan AfghanistanAfghanistan’s economic crisis deepened after the horrific attack on a mosque in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on Wednesday. The bombing during evening prayers at the Siddiquiya Mosque in northern Kabul killed and injured worshippers. Mullah Amir Kabuli, a prominent cleric, was also killed because of the tragic incident. It reflects the fragile security situation in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, the Taliban fighters also announced the killing of Mehdi Mujahid in western Herat province. Reportedly, he turned against the Taliban over the past year and was attempting to flee to Iran.

One year after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, conditions in the country deteriorated. Many people have been deprived of their basic rights. The Taliban authorities have imposed several restrictions on people, especially women.

One of the first political acts of the Taliban leaders after the takeover was to forbid young girls from going to secondary schools. They reinstated restrictions on women’s education and employment. Most female journalists don’t go to work because of the Taliban authorities. Most women in Afghanistan are not allowed to work outside.

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While these issues have gained media coverage internationally, there has been less attention given to Afghanistan’s economy. A year into the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the economy of the country has deteriorated further.

Afghanistan was already suffering from an economic crisis before the Taliban’s takeover of the country. Afghanistan’s economy and government revenue were dependent on outside development aid. However, after the American withdrawal and the Taliban’s seizure of power a year ago, there’s no hope for Afghanistan’s economy. Washington’s freezing of Afghanistan’s central bank assets also affected the country.

The Taliban’s actions after returning to power have made it difficult for any outside government or international organisation to help them. International sanctions have also made it difficult to revive the economy of the country.



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