After overnight violence, 45 arrested in Sri Lanka

Sri lanka

Sri Lanka Sri LankaBattling a deep state of increased violence in the country, Sri Lanka saw extreme situations resulting in the arrest of 45 people. The police confirmed the arrest of these 45 people who were allegedly involved in the violence at a sight involving hundred other protestors. These protesters were trying to barge into the house of Gotabaya Rajapaksa in Colombo.

To control the situation, the security forces used tear gas and water cannons on the demonstrators who were protesting against the heightened economic crisis. In the process where one of the sides also used bullets to control the situation, 10 people were injured. According to the police officials who were involved at the scene, some of their officials were also injured. The incident took place post a curfew that was imposed on late Thursday night which essentially covers the large and more crowded parts of the capital district.

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The curfew was lifted on Saturday morning. “As of now 45 people have been arrested. Five policemen were injured while a police bus, a jeep and two motorcycles were burnt,” an official in close ties with the matter told the media. The senior official also stressed that it was not just the damage to the protesters but a police water cannon truck.

The capital city is currently hugely protected by the officials. As far as the security of the leader is concerned, Rajapaksa was not inside the home when the incident happened. He, however, slammed the extremist forces’ for the violence saying that they are attempting to destabilize the country.



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