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amazon q

Amazon has launched a new chatbot called Q, a rival productivity software to take on Google and Microsoft. It’s a workplace chatbot designed to help corporate customers search for information, write code and review business metrics.

The e-commerce giant drew inspiration for the name “Q” from either James Bond movies or Star Trek television shows. The software, some features are available for free, can help people understand the capabilities of AWS and trouble-shoot issues Q can provide citations of documents to back up its chat responses.

Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS, said people will be able to talk with it in communication apps such as Salesforce’s Slack and software developers’ text-editing applications. “Existing chatbots powered by generative AI are genuinely super useful for consumers. But in a lot of ways, these applications don’t really work at work.”

Game Changer for Amazon Web Services

Q can automatically make changes to source code, an advantage for developers as they will have less work to do. Selipsky said the service will be able to connect to more than 40 enterprise systems.

“With Q, people can discuss information that’s stored in Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Salesforce and Zendesk, along with AWS’ S3 data-storage service. They’re going to be bringing more powerful features around fine-tuning and customization that, for certain periods of time, will only be available on AWS and through Anthropic directly.”

Users can upload and ask questions about documents while interacting with Q. Administrators will be able to determine whether Q can answer people’s questions about general topics.

Steven Dickens, vice president and practice leader at the Futurum Group, believes Amazon’s Q will be a game changer for AWS customers who have a plethora of service options. “AWS has resisted the urge to make an AI assistant for each service in its portfolio and, as a result, I expect to see Q become widely adopted in the months ahead by both developers and cloud admins alike.”

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Amazon Q to Cloud

Furthermore, Amazon Q will be available for developers who use the company’s cloud. It will be added to Amazon’s business intelligence software, as well as programs for call-centre workers and logistics managers.

Corporate clients will be able to tinker with Amazon Q to build products for their employees or customers.



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