Anzac Day 2022: What Is Anzac Day & Why Is It Important?


Australia AustraliaMemorial and dawn services will be held across the country on Anzac Day this year, bringing communities together once more. Whether you’ve just arrived in Australia or were born and grew up here, knowing what Anzac Day is and why it’s so significant to Australians & citizens of New Zealand are essential.

What is Anzac Day?

Anzac Day is Australia and New Zealand’s national day of remembrance, commemorated every year on April 25. The memorial date is well-known around the world, and it commemorates the first major military campaign conducted by Australian and New Zealand soldiers during World War – 1.

What is the History behind Anzac Day?

Anzac Day commemorates the first significant military combat conducted by Australian & New Zealand soldiers during WWI. The Australian and New Zealand Military Forces are known as Anzacs. They landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey on April 25, 1915.

They were participants of an allied operation to seize Constantinople, now Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, one of Germany’s primary allies. What was supposed to be a fast military campaign became an extended fight with a high death toll.

The Ottoman Turks greeted the Anzacs with fierce resistance, causing the campaign to stretch on for eight months. On both sides, there were numerous casualties and considerable hardships. While the Anzacs were defeated at the end of the campaign, their gallantry during the battle left a lasting impact that is still remembered today.

What does ‘Anzac’ stand for?

The word ‘Anzac’ refers to a group of Australian and New Zealand Military Defense forces soldiers that were established in Egypt in December 1914. They were made up of soldiers from two different regiments:

  • The first Australian Imperial Force and
  • The first New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

The Anzacs are most recognized for their role in the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915, but they also made a brief comeback in 1941, fighting in the Battle of Greece during WWII.

Why is Anzac Day important to Australia & New Zealand?

The day commemorates the invasion of Australian & New Zealand forces on the Gallipoli Peninsula in World War I in 1915. Anzac Day today celebrates New Zealanders & Australians who have served in wars or other humanitarian missions around the world.



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