Elon Musk unveils Grok Ai 2.0; History of the chatbot, Latest Features, Availability, and much more….

Elon Musk, the mastermind behind the tech revolution of Twitter (now known as X), has now come out with a chatbot similar to Chat GPT. It’s known as the Grok Ai and its latest upgrade to Grok ai 2.0 would blow off the users mind. It is heard that the chatbot can roast its users and even Musk is not off its charts. 

The Grok Ai is developed by the X Owner’s latest startup named xAI. The primary feature of the chatbot is summarising real time information that the user requires by searching it up on the net with the help of gathering keywords and extracting data. It’s very similar to Chat GPT 4o and Google’s Gemini. 

The upgraded version is available to only the premium users who have subscribed X for web and iOS versions. The chatbot is able to process information from photos, videos, documents and charts etc. 

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When compared to Open Ai’s Chat GPT 4 free version, the Grok Ai 1.5 performs better than the former but after the latest upgrade to Grok ai 2.0, the paid version is way too expensive than Chat GPT 4o and also lacks the performance capability as per experts if compared to Open Ai.

According to xAI, the chatbot is very capable and is outperforming its competitors, Chat GPT 4o and Google’s Gemini. The subscription fee if compared is very low in case of Twitter’s chatbot available at $8 per month, while Open Ai’s Chat GPT’s premium version is available at exactly 1.5 times the cost at $20 monthly. 

It is yet to be seen who the ultimate users accept and who wins the race of artificial intelligence upgrades.



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