Arab League Accepts Norwegian Recognition Of Goods From Israeli Settlements

Israel IsraelThe Arab League has accepted and welcomed a decision by Norway to label products from Israeli settlements with their place of origin. Earlier, most of such items were not given the due as their place of origin never featured on these items.

This new introduction would mean there is going to be identity given to commodities like wine, olive oil, fruits and vegetables. Oslo has also been able to give respect to countries and territories which have been marred with racism and discrimination for decades together, especially the Israeli settlements.

The new development now applies to products from the occupied West Bank “including East Jerusalem” and occupied areas of the Golan Heights. Indeed, this decision is being seen as an important ‘legal and moral’ step, in order to award equality to products coming from Israel and its settlement areas. The development will now touch upon products from other smaller regions where produce is being exported to Norway and other parts of Europe.

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The Arab League has been delighted at this Norwegian decision. But Israel has shown distaste to the decision and said that this could affect bilateral relations between Israel and Norway as well as Norway’s relevance to promoting relations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The European Commission recommended its member states follow this practice in 2015, a decision confirmed by the European Court of Justice in 2019. Norway said that the principle behind its decision, as set out in the 2019 ruling, is that consumers should not be deceived by misleading labelling on the origin or products.



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