Israel Focuses At Infrastructure Development Through NIS 30 Billion Investments

Mansour Abbas' Ra'am

Israel IsraelIsrael has firmed up plans to invest into Arab villages in and around that need road and transport development. As a part of their NIS (New Israeli Shekel) investment worth 30 billon over a five-year plan, some NIS 2 billion will automatically be invested road and transport infrastructure in neighbouring villages.

The coalition government has seen the major need into developing villages around. Under the investment, the biggest project will see some NIS 600 million allocated for the construction and renovation of inner-city roads in several Arab localities. For this, Ayalon Highways would be hired as a contractor. Major investment will also go toward the construction of intercity roads between Arab localities and cities at the cost of NIS 102 million.

This decision was taken in tandem with a demand put forward by the M.K. Mansour Abbas’ Ra’am party as part of coalition talks with Yesh Atid’s Yair Lapid and Yamina’s Naftali Bennett.

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The decision over infrastructural progress was seen as a pressing problem and was discussed at the Knesset’s Special Committee on Arab Society Affairs, which is chaired by Abbas. Here, it was decided that in order to raise the image of Israel, there was a pressing need to improve the socio-economic state of Arab localities across Israel and the Arab sector as a whole. This was stressed upon by the social equality minister.

Additionally, NIS 333 million will go to other road infrastructure projects at the local and municipal levels. This will also mean there will be more employment for engineers that can manage the NIS 600 million plan, that is to be implemented over five years. The number of Arab engineers being hired working in Israeli hi-tech is estimated to shoot up by an estimated 250%. 

The package was approved in the Knesset in October 2021. Since then, many things have been carried out. Housing projects in Arab cities have been allocated a NIS 500 million budget and an extra NIS 47 million are set to go to various economic projects in the Arab periphery.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government has already invested in the education of Arab-Israeli youth, especially in their integration into Israel’s vibrant hi-tech sector.



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