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Oil deal
News Opinion

Oil deal and IMF-Egypt loan agreement pushes Gulf stocks up

MIDEAST STOCKS have shown positive growth after Sunday’s oil deal struck between the OPEC+ group members, who agreed to extent the record….

president-elect of Brazil JAIR BOLSONARO
News World

After Trump, it’s Bolsonaro who threatens exiting WHO over rising Covid deaths

On Friday, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro threatened to leave the World Health Organisation..

GCC Flag
Middle East News

Qatari boycott in retrospect: What GCC should consider before lifting the embargo

Qatar’s boycott with the neighbouring Arab nations has entered fourth year, and with no end in sight, hopes for a quick resolution to the Middle

National flag of Palestinians
News Politics

Palestinian reject tax revenue collected by Israel on their behalf, in response to annexation plan

On Wednesday, Palestinian Authority declared that it would not be accepting the tax revenue, collected and distributed by Israeli government on their behalf…..

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
News Politics

Netanyahu’s annexation plan would leave Palestinians with limited self-rule under overall Israeli control

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday announced that the Palestinians residing in the Jordan Valley would not be given Israeli citizenship, post the annexation of the region…..

Tripoli Libya, hoping for peace fearing war
News Politics

Libya at the center of a new dispute between Russia and the United States

The U.S. AFRICA COMMAND PUBLIC AFFAIRS released a statement, on Tuesday, assessing that Moscow recently deployed military fighter aircraft to Libya…

Oil and gas market prices likely to turn negative
News Opinion

European gas prices likely to turn negative

Abundant supply, low demand and full storage capacity is what marred the US oil market, pulling crude prices to negative territory, almost a month ago….

, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
News Opinion

Turkey’s lira hits an all time low reaching 7.24 against US dollar

On Thursday, Turkish lira hit its lowest level dropping 0.7% to 7.2496 against US dollar. The historic slump in Lira’s value, broke its own record

3d illustrator of oil pump
Middle East News

Slump in the oil market pulls down Libyan central reserves by 20%

According to the recent report published by the Libyan audit bureau, the country’s central bank reserves are expected to fall by 20%due to plummeting oil

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at ukraine
News Politics

Turkey in a fix, Erdogan to make a tough choice between Russian S-400 and US financial assistance

Turkey is stuck between a rock and a hard place as it has to make the tough choice between US and Russia, while the former