Bermuda Triangle Cruise Assures for 100% Refund, If Ship Disappears

Bermuda Triangle

A ship that is sailing towards the Bermuda Triangle has assured its passengers that they will receive a 100% refund, if the ship disappears. Tourists who booked a suite aboard the Norwegian Prima liner’s 2-days trip from New York to Bermuda, which begins in March 2023, paid up to £1,450 (Rs 1,42,271) for a stateroom.

The cruise, on the other hand, is providing a full refund if it goes missing near the triangle, where hundreds of ships and planes have purportedly gone missing in the past.

Refund Guarantee on Official Website
The company has promised for 100% refund on its official website. The official statement is following:
“Don’t worry about disappearing on this Bermuda Triangle tour. The tour has a 100% return rate and your money will be refunded in the rare chance you disappear.”

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A Trip To Deadly Territory In Atlantic Ocean
The Ancient Mysteries Cruise tour, according to Mirror, offers a dusk Bermuda Triangle cruise package that includes a twilight trip on a glass bottom boat.

Following the tour, famous guest speakers will provide views, conversations, and Q&As:

●Nick Pope, a former employee of the UK Ministry of Defense
●Nick Redfern, a well-known author, is among the speakers.
●Pope is recognized for collaborating with Airstaff 2a of the Ministry of Defense on a project known as the “UFO desk.”
●Other speakers include Peter Robbins, Micah Hanks, and Jim Harold.

The Bermuda Triangle (aka Devil’s Triangle)
The Bermuda Triangle, often known as the Devil’s Triangle, has piqued the interest of scientists all over the world because of the unsolved enigma surrounding the disappearance of ships and boats in the area.

The 500,000 square meters of the infamous spanse in the Atlantic Ocean, located between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, has spawned conspiracy tales about hexagonal clouds, pirates, ghosts, extraterrestrial presence, and the existence of methane, a natural gas less thick than water.

Hundreds of Ships & Planes Lost
As many as 75 planes and hundreds of ships have mysteriously vanished while attempting to cross the Bermuda Triangle, and the ruins of the missing ships have only recently been uncovered. However, according to Lloyd’s of London and the US Coast Guard, the percentage of ships lost in the Bermuda Triangle is the same as anyplace else in the globe.



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