Biden Steers G7 Summit Towards Unified Front Against China


As United States’ President Joe Biden takes over the reigns of a disoriented government, his first action point on agenda with the G7 Summit was to get every nation to focus about setting the ruckus maker, China right.

The anger over Covid-19 and its management isn’t new. China never let WHO or any other country investigate the origins of the virus either. The act could have ensured that such actions do not recur in the future.

According to media sources, Biden remained focused on urging everyone to preset a more united front against China’s “non-market policies and human rights abuses.” China was a major focal point during the summit and was the main topic of a 90-minute session.

Chinese counterparts have responded vehemently asking countries to not interfere and meddle with its ways of governance, and instead, focus on peaceful co-existence.

At the G7 summit, spying and malware usage through Russia was also under purview, and was discussed, a week before Biden is due to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. On the table was also China’s treatment of minority groups like the Uighur Muslims, violation of human rights and ill treatment of those living in the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong.

The general consensus has tilted in the narrative put across by Biden. The difference is that the US leader is definitely seeming as the French leadership said recently, “America has finally arrived, again.”



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