Blame Game Continues Between Warring Ethiopian Factions As Humanitarian Aid Stops In Military Zones

Ethiopian government

It is sad but the Ethiopian government is seeking that humanitarian organisations keep away from the military zones. The army is attacking Tigray rebels that are predominately strong in most military zones. Under the attack also comes UN aided food trucks and other materials that are being shared for the humanitarian aid help for residents.

In an official statement released by the government functioning in Addis Ababa, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) stand accused for using NGO vehicles for war, stating that the “terrorist group has been using trucks for war purposes in the past” which were “proven to be providing aid to militants.”

This is one reason that the government is now insisting that aid may not travel through these zones which are misusing the aid and vehicles which are being used for the same. It is asking the aid organisations to ensure that their vehicles are not put to use for other military purposes as well; something which looks like a farfetched cry.

This has been specified by the Abiy Ahmed Administration who has further informed that indeed, the TPLF is using the same vehicles that have painted logos of the World Food Program and the UN on the hijacked vehicles. The UN is in the know-how of how one of its trucks had been damaged by debris from an apparent drone strike on Sunday. The driver reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Media and aid organisations are holding Abiy Ahmed Administration responsible for this mishap, but the TPLF spokesperson, Reta Getachew took to his Twitter account and commented, “I hope that the World Food Program will denounce Abiy Ahmed for this outrageous crime,” he denounced, before criticizing the organization’s passivity in the face of these attacks. “We know you have convinced enough reports, but ‘realpolitik’ must not be allowed to triumph over humanitarian values.”



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