Breaking News: IDF Warns Iran of Israel’s Response

 idf warns iran of israel's response

The Israeli military remains ready to counter any threat from Iran and its proxies as we continue our mission to defend the state of Israel, IDF Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi stated.

In response to Iran’s recent missile and drone attack on Israel, the IDF has issued a strong warning to Tehran through a video message, uploaded to the IDF official channel of X.

In the video Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi claims a strong message and perhaps a clear warning sign! “Iran will have to face the consequences of its actions. We will choose our response accordingly,” he said.

Despite calls for restraint from the United Nations and Western officials, Israel remains steadfast in its commitment to defend itself.
Over the video statement, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), emphasized the necessity for his country to take action in response to Iran’s recent attack on Saturday.

Halevi’s statement is in contrast to the United Nations’ urging for Israel to exercise restraint in its response to Iran’s attack. European and US officials have also emphasized the need for Tel Aviv to avoid a tit-for-tat escalation that could potentially escalate into a larger conflict.

Iran’s attack, which included more than 350 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones and rockets, triggered a coalition response from Israel, the United States Central Command, British and French armed forces, and other allies. Operation Iron Shield successfully deterred the threats, demonstrating the strength of international cooperation against Iranian aggression.

Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi concluded with the statement, “I want to thank all our international partners who stood up to Iran’s aggression.”
As tensions increase between Iran and Israel, the IDF remains constant in its address to defend the nation. Stay Tuned for Further Updates



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