Britain Seeks Support For Energy Supply From Norway and Qatar


The new UK PM Liz Truss is now trying to get into trade agreement with Norway to secure energy resources for the country before things go out of control for the UK. The trade agreement would guarantee energy supply for close to two decades, confirmed reports have stated. Talks are ongoing with the Norwegian counterparts for a 20 year long deal, while the country already remains UK’s largest supplier of gas.

According to estimates made by Ofgem, the energy regulator, there is an estimate danger to great shortage of gas to be experienced by Britain this winter. This has been reported by the energy regulator earlier this week.

This could mean that severe shortages could see power stations going without gas supply and this electricity cuts in various places. Senior energy bigwigs have also second the risk assessment news.

Ms. Truss has said that her ministers were “looking” at multi-year gas deals with Norway and around the world.  She further added in her formal media statement that, “I have not signed any deal. But what I’m saying is that Britain’s energy security is vital and what we will be doing is always looking for value for money, of course we will, but it’s important that we have that long-term energy security.”

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Countries around the world are trying to forge new energy partnerships following the disruption caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine. UK is also seeking fresh trade agreements and possibilities of energy supply with its long-standing energy partner Qatar as well. For this, Ms. Truss has the right men on the job already. Maddy McTiernan, the civil servant who led the Covid vaccine taskforce, was appointed last month to try and secure long-term contracts with domestic and international oil and gas producers.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Business Secretary, also met with the Qatari minister for energy affairs, Saad Sheriba Al-Kaabi.



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