British Writer reveals innocent British girls trapped in caliphate lost and forgotten

Shamima Begum

Three girls have been lured into terrorism through sweet talk online; the one to get them to join ISIS was no other than a lady of British origins working as a Canadian spy. News is doing rounds that the British police has actually covered up her origins to keep the British reputation clean. The girls have been eventually caught and have been questioned.

Of them, one of the most prominent is Shamima Begum, a teenager who along with her two friends from Bethnal Green in east London found themselves groomed to go to Syria and eventually marry ISIS fighters.

Strangely, all this has come to light only when after it became known that Canada knew about the teenagers’ fate but kept silent while the Metropolitan Police ran a frantic international search for the trio.

A book has admitted Canada having knowledge of its involvement and then requesting Britain to cover this up, as much as 10 Downing Street has. The book is called The Secret History of the Five Eyes by Richard Kerbaj, a former security correspondent for The Sunday Times.

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Meanwhile Ms. Begum has admitted that she was brainwashed since she was 15 years of age, to go and marry at the age of 22 in Syria. She has chances of losing her citizenship, but she agrees to go to prison, provided Britain allows her to return and not strip her for her citizenship.

It’s a difficult political decision if Britain does not want to have anything to do with this right now. This happened way back in 2015. Last year, the Supreme Court upheld its judgment and decision to bar her from returning to the UK. British authorities did not reveal what they knew about how Ms. Begum was smuggled into Syria. Now aged 23, she remains in a camp in northern Syria along with girls of her age who were smuggled to be a part of the caliphate. Most await justice and their plights to be heard. Ms. Begum is due to renew her case at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission in November.



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