Can Turkey Bring Assad and Syrian Opposition On A Common Ground Of Dialogue?


Syria SyriaIt is not something which can be written on paper, signed across a dotted line, and be done with. The hurt, animosity, and anger that refugees have felt against the wrongdoing to them on the hands of Assad regime will take time to be reversed.

Despite Turkey trying hard to reconcile and make things better, the results of the resistance to their reconciliation efforts were well reported last week. Syrian opposition was not interested in letting Turkey interfere in the establishment of a government. The trust factor is missing.

Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s meeting with the Syrian counterpart, only enraged rebel groups and civilians in the opposition held northern Syria. Reconciliation comments led to massive demonstrations and protests by opposition. Their flags could be seen swirling around, more so in rebel held areas of Syria.

Reconciliation would mean humane treatment and hearing out of the refugees. Political experts are of the opinion that it would be wishful thinking to seek any diplomatic breakthrough between Ankara and Damascus any time soon.

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Terrorist breed in disharmony. According to the discussions that FM Cavusoglu had with Faisal Mekdad in Belgrade in October 2022 on the margins of the Non-Aligned Movement summit, getting both parties united was important for the harmony of Syria.

However, unless issues pertaining to the people are dealt with, especially opposition that comprises common people only, ‘a long-lasting peaceful solution looks difficult.’

Cavusoglu has said that ‘right now’ there is also no diplomatic contacts between Ankara and Damascus. Domestic pressure is growing on Ankara to warm relations with Damascus. The Turkish opposition’s calls for a reconciliation between Turkey and Syria are increasing every day as the public grows increasingly hostile to the nearly four million Syrian refugees in the country.



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