Gazprom Turbine Repaired Lies In Germany As Russia Doesn’t Make A Move To Bring It Back


Germany GermanyThe gas supply from the Nord Stream-1 is being stalled for different reasons this time. The main turbine which had been sent to Canada for repairs and got stalled in Germany has not reached back Russia.

Kremlin now says that it might be impossible to get it back, while Germany’s chancellor now made it public information that the turbine had been made fully functional and ready to be shipped back to Russia.

At the moment, the Russian energy giant Gazprom is saying that it is impossible to take back a turbine that is vital for gas supplies to Europe due to Western sanctions.

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So, the new blame is being pinned on western sanctions and Russia’s inability to get back what belongs to it for the use of the European nations. In the last few months, Gazprom has systematically reduced its gas supplies to various parts of Europe, especially Germany. While Berlin has said that this equipment is not affected by sanctions, Russia refuses to adhere and is now being blamed for dishonouring its contracts. Political analysts believe that this is merely to get back on the western world over the various trade sanctions that have been slapped on Russia since its attack on Ukraine.

The key Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia to Germany is running at 20% capacity; while earlier Moscow was supplying the EU with over 40 percent of its natural gas till 2021. The cuts have caused wholesale prices to increase dramatically as well. Some countries are struggling to buy enough gas to put into storage for the winter months, when gas usage is much higher.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Scholz paid a visit to the Siemens Energy factory in Germany where the turbine is stranded, and said the turbine was ready to be shipped back to Russia at any time. “But someone needs to say: I want to have it,” he added.

Russia isn’t saying so as it wants Germany to make the move and say that this doesn’t fall into Western sanctions. Countries will have to wait and watch to see who can show the maturity to turn things around



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