Brother of Qatari Emir accused of serious crimes by former employees

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  • A federal civil lawsuit filed in the US details horrific accounts from six plaintiffs about Sheikh Khalid’s crimes, range from imprisonment to murder.

Member of the Qatari royal family and race car driver, Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, is in the news with the filing of a federal civil lawsuit against him in Massachusetts last Tuesday by six of his former employees. From nurses to racing team crew to security detail, they all recount grievous crimes committed by him over the past decade, from sexual assault to abusive behaviour and rape to downright murder.

The billionaire businessman is the owner of Al-Anabi Racing and KH Holdings, a conglomerate that is behind some of the World Cup 2022 stadiums. He would apparently throw wild parties with race car drivers and prostitutes, go on days-long binges and fall into medically-monitored sleep after. He would routinely brandish his gun around, high on narcotics, and abusing and assaulting his staff.

In the most serious of accusation, Terry Hope who used to work with him in Al-Anabi racing says in 2016 he witnessed Sheikh Khalid beat his chauffeur to death in the Qatari desert. Even before that he had been trying to persuade Hope to murder the owner of the American Drag Racing League and his wife, his rivals.

Ramez Tohme, who had been friendly with the prince for ten years, said he started becoming abusive towards him after he invited him to Doha in 2017. He claimed Sheikh Khaled had him imprisoned for several days and threatened him with death if he tried to escape. He eventually was able to escape with the help of Mattew Pittard, an ex-US marine who became his security director. Pittard too was asked to murder two people in the US because they have become a threat to Sheikh Khalid’s “social reputation and personal security”. When Tohme and Pittard escaped, he took out his rage on his male nurse by flashing and abusing him. He is also known to have perpetrated a brutal sexual assault on a man in a party in 2016. Another nurse Matthew Allende was also held prisoner in the Sheikh’s palace. Once he escaped the country, he filed a lawsuit against the prince in a Florida federal court. Soon after his girlfriend was brutally beaten up, in a case being treated as attempted murder by the local police. Allende says he suspects the prince’s hand behind the attack on his girlfriend.



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