Coronation To Happen After A 70 Year Gap in Westminster Abbey in June 2023

King Charles-III

The King will be coronated and the Buckingham Palace has reasons to celebrate the same in June of 2023. The ceremony is meant to happen after a gap of literally 70 years after the Queen recently passed away.

Ceremony is to be conducted in Westminster Abbey, but the palace has not made an official statement. Plans are converging on that Saturday near the start of the summer although discussions over which other days will become official holidays are still going on, said a government official speaking on condition of anonymity before a public announcement.

With the formal coronation, the new monarch’s official rule begins like it did seven decades ago. It is worth noting that till the time King Charles III is crowned, he would officially be the oldest person to be crowned in British history at his age of 74years.

It has been widely reported that the coronation will be a smaller, more modest version of previous ceremonies, with space for representatives of different faiths and community groups in line with modern Britain’s diversity.

If lady Diana was alive, she would have made a splendid Queen standing beside King Charles-III. But currently, King Charles much loved sits beside him. She is called aptly the Queen Consort Camilla. Unlike, his mother’s time, this would be a more sober and modest gathering than the last one that had some 8000 guests invited.

Last month, the UK Foreign Office spent days devising the seating plan for the queen’s funeral, mindful of diplomatic hierarchies and protocol. The coronation ceremony itself is rich in tradition.

The king is seated on a throne known as Edward’s Chair, holding the sovereign’s sceptre and rod — to represent his constitutional control of the nation — and the sovereign’s orb — to represent the Christian world.



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