Lebanon: Parliamentary elections will be held on May 15


Lebanon LebanonLebanese media announced that the parliamentary elections have been set for May 15, 2022. The Lebanese Ministry of Interior stated, in a statement, that the expatriates will vote either on the sixth or eighth of May, depending on the country in which they reside.

Last October, the Lebanese parliament voted to hold early elections on March 27, but President Michel Aoun said he would not accept this early date. It is expected that competition in the elections will intensify with widespread anger in Lebanon, due to the economic collapse, which has caused the currency to lose more than 90% of its value since 2019, and exacerbate poverty conditions significantly.

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According to the Lebanese news, the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, signed a decree inviting the electoral bodies to elect members of the House of Representatives, according to the following dates: Voting of the Lebanese residing on the Lebanese territories, on Sunday 5/15/2022. Voting of the employees who will participate in the electoral process, on Thursday 12-5-2022. Voting of the Lebanese who are not residing on Lebanese territory, on Friday 5/6-2022 or Sunday 5/5-2022, according to the official holiday in the countries in which polling takes place.

In this context, the media office of Mawlawi issued the following statement: The signing of the draft decree inviting the electoral bodies by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities and referring it to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers reflects the seriousness of the Ministry of Interior and the Lebanese government to hold parliamentary elections on their constitutional dates, in compliance with what was stated in its ministerial statement and what it pledged to the local and international communities, provided that the procedures are completed. The result of this entitlement is achieved by successive decisions, including the opening of the nomination period after the publication of the decree.



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