Due to the rise in coronavirus cases, Turkey limits the export of medical equipment

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On Thursday, Turkey decided in a meeting that the companies thinking of exporting medical equipment utilized for respiratory support will require consent from the administration as the number of coronavirus cases in the nation multiply.

The loss of life in Turkey by Covid-19 has ascended to 59, with 2,433 affirmed cases during the latest two weeks. 

To export ventilators and resuscitation equipment, the companies would require prior consent from government authorities, Official Gazzette stated. 

The Interior Ministry Süleyman Soylu stated all-municipality meetings in the coming months from April to June ought to be suspended. Ankara said that it would halt exporting made face masks for the time being. 

Ankara has taken measures to contain the disease, including travel bans, sports bans, shutting schools, shutting diners, partial curfew on elderly citizens, and bans mass prayers. 

On Wednesday, President Tayyip Erdogan expressed that Turkey will defeat the coronavirus flare-up in half a month.



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