Donald Trump’s shocking abandonment of leadership comes as coronavirus surges in the US

During the election campaign President Donald Trump guaranteed that the “phony news media” decided to zero in on Covid-19 to harm his campaign, predicting that

Coronavirus pandemic

Under the cover of COVID19, Morocco’s monarchy takes back control

The turbulent events of the Arab Spring left the monarchy unscathed thanks to some token reforms on equality and accountability…


COVID19 is fading away the flickering magic of Arab spring in Morocco

Centuries old tradition of “Makhzen” can be seen on streets of Morocco, a platform to share grievances by a network of advisers, spies, military men and people with business interests….

Homeless childrens
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Egypt’s homeless children worst hit by COVID19 pandemic

By some estimates, there are around 16,000 children and young adults on the streets in Egypt, a number that UNICEF considers a massive underestimation….

President of China, Xi Jinping
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Analysts fear geopolitical tensions would intensify if Trump’s tough talks on China continues

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and in front of the November presidential political elections, President Donald Trump….

In Dubai an employee sterilises shopping Carts at The Hypermarket Prevent Coronavirus Disease
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Qatari companies cut wages, jobs and cancel expatriate leave over Coronavirus pandemic

The financial aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic causes significant damage in Qatar following a surge in the flare-up that has of late….

Arab Stock market data on LED display concept. G
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GEE group’s mandate ends in Yemen. How will it impact the country?

In the first three months of 2020, Arab stock markets lost almost a quarter of this value due to the double assault from the coronavirus

If not urgently addressed, billions of locusts will blitz through large parts of the Arabian Peninsula, affecting agriculture and causing large-scale starvation.
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As Tunisia shut down Al-Zaytouna TV, Al-Jazeera employs journalists and commentors of terror

As the world battles a new plague in the form of the novel coronavirus, another old one is shaping up to affect large swathes of

Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV impact Arab economy.
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Arab Economies Set for Multilevel Blow Due To COVID-19: IMF

With the slowdown due to COVID-19 the Arab economies are set to face major shock at many levels, stated the regional head of International Monetary

Graphs representing the stock market crash caused by the Coronavirus
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Post COVID-19 Pandemic – How Will Aviation and Lifestyle Industries Change

As the country went into Lock down 3.0 and government came up with relaxations on zonal basis, one thing remain unchanged – the flight status.