EXCLUSIVE: President Kais Saied’s life is in danger, so Ennahdha plans to kill him

The life of the President of the Tunisian Republic is in danger. Today the local newspaper Al-Anouar revealed that Rached Ghannouchi, the local Muslim Brotherhood Movement Ennahdha, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Israeli secret services Mossad had planned an assassination attempt against the President. Kais Saied had already denounced Ennahdha for wanting to assassinate him recently, although the radical Islamist party has so far denied it.

According to the details leaked today in the local press, the former Governor of Ben Arous was also involved in the shady plan of the Muslim Brotherhood, who allegedly transported “a missile” from Turkey before hiding it in a warehouse in the governorate mentioned above. in preparation for the attack. But, of course, once he found out, the Governor was fired.

Despite Rachid Ghannouchi’s attempt to muddy the facts, the police confirmed in recent days the arrest of a well-known terrorist who had received instructions on how to assassinate the head of state. After the accusations of a coup by Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood went unheeded, the Islamists are planning to kill the President and will not have peace until they see his end.

According to the article published today, the latest plan was discovered by special forces after searching Rached Ghannouchi’s computer and finding various information concerning national security and even the Arab region. Furthermore, security sources in western Libya confirmed that the Turks had provided training to a group of extremists who had joined ISIS in Sabratha in 2017 to strike the President as he exits his residence during an official visit.

According to our source, the attack involves using car bombs through the use of homemade explosive. Ennahdha would have paid a large sum of money, arrived in Libya through front companies operating in Tunisia under nominees. According to our source, two cars will target police checkpoints while a third will launch at the gate of the Carthage residence. The attack could take place at any time, although the same source has not been able to indicate where the explosive is stored at this time, merely saying, not far from the capital.

Yesterday, Thursday, August 26, a high-level delegation from Libya arrived in Tunis to persuade counterparts to open the borders. However, the Tunisian authorities would have refused, given the imminent threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover, the controversial Libyan Mufti al-Ghariani has called Libyans and Tunisians to jihad against President Kais Saied. The same, already in the past, had invited young Libyans to blow themselves up against the army, assuring them that by doing so, they would enter heaven.



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