First ever Iraqi speaker suspended after a controversial parliamentary session


Iraq IraqThe Supreme Federal Court on Thursday suspended the parliament speaker along with his two deputies and the order will be kept till any further ruling is issued in the first controversial session.

It was Sunday when the leaders came together to be a part of the first ever session held in the parliament since October 10, 2021. This was the time when the nation witnessed elections. The decision was taken by the legislative council chaired by the eldest member of the body, Mahmoud Al Mashhadani.

The controversial parliament session was first briefly adjourned as there was chaos that erupted inside the hall. The issue began when two Shiite groups, of rival stands, claimed to have the largest bloc and assumed that they had the right to form the government.

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During the process, Al Mashhadani asked the leaders to check the names and signatures on both lists where the committee’s approval is also needed. Things led to chaos and it turned out to be a heated discussion between him and some Shiite politicians who also came forward to extend their support.

The speaker fainted and suffered health issues and was eventually taken out of the parliament building for treatment. The constant fights and the health issue resulted in the disruption of the session. The proceedings, however, resumed later with the second eldest member Khalid Al Daraji and the new parliament speaker Mohammed Al Halbousi along with two other deputies who were also elected earlier.



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