Groups in Sudan concur to establish a transitional administration


According to Khalid Omar Yousif, a representative for the political settlement’s signatories, Sudan’s political factions have decided to establish a new transitional administration on April 11 of this year.

The military authorities of Sudan, who seized control in a coup in late 2021, have been attempting to reach an agreement with the civil political groups that had previously held power with the goal of reinstalling a civilian government.

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According to Yousif, the parties have decided on a committee to develop a new constitution that will consist of nine members of civilian organisations, one member of the army, and a member of the potent paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

On April 6, they will sign a constitutional declaration and the agreement’s transitional framework. Western, Gulf, and UN-sponsored talks led to the formation of a new administration after the coup in October 2021, which may reactivate Sudan’s dire need for economic help.



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