Hopeful Lebanon’s PM pushes for Kordahi’s resignation to dissolve conflict with Gulf nations


Lebanon LebanonLebanon is facing an internal political crisis as well as diplomatic strained relations with Gulf nations. The reason is miscalculated comments by Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi over war in Yemen and insulting comments against Saudi Arabia. As Beirut is already struggling economic crisis, severed ties with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations is rendering severe blow on the country. Prime Minister Najib Mikati is actively trying to diffuse the situation and mend the ties as he is awaiting results of cabinet consultations in this direction.

MP Ali Darwish, member of Mikati’s parliamentary bloc, said, “Through the roadmap that Mikati announced on Thursday, he put forward an initiative to defuse the crisis.” He added stressing that Mikati “is a moderate man by nature over whom there is consensus, which is essential in a country like Lebanon, so it is crucial for him to carefully and wisely handle issues.”

Mikati has reiterated his calls to Kardahi to resign and “follow his conscience and prioritize national interest.” But the embattled minister is refusing to extend his resignation.

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There are speculations that if Kordahi doesn’t budge from his stand, it could cost Mikati his power and government. Speaking on this, Darwish said, “Mikati understands the Lebanese situation and believes that as long as he is prime minister, he can help Lebanon maintain good relations with the Arab countries.” He added, “If Mikati were to resign, Lebanon could face unimaginable consequences.”

Iran-backed Hezbollah movement in Lebanon has been forming governments in the country. Calling for Mikati’s resignation, former Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi said on behalf of anti-Hezbollah Sovereign Front, “You are the prime minister of a dysfunctional government, and the country does not need more Hezbollah governments.” He added, “This entire regime needs to leave, starting with the president from Hell, Michel Aoun. We need to steer away from the axis of evil, and justice must be applied.”

Mikati’s government is however, gaining support internationally. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called on “all parties, as well as Lebanese officials, to promote calm and dialogue for the sake of the Lebanese people and the stability of Lebanon,” stressing that this is “critical for the region.” She said that French foreign ministry is in close talks with Lebanon’s government and all concerned parties to resolve the conflict with Gulf nations. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “Russia is looking forward to resolving the diplomatic conflict between Lebanon and the Arab Gulf states as soon as possible.”



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