How to Perform Tawaf: Your Simple Guide

how to perform tawaf your simple guide

How to Perform Tawaf: Your Simple Guide

Tawaf is an important Islamic ritual where you walk around the Kaaba seven times. It’s a big part of Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. Let’s learn how to do it step by step.

What is Tawaf? – Tawaf means circling the Kaaba seven times. You walk counter-clockwise, keeping the Kaaba on your left side. Each full circle is called a “shawt”. Tawaf is a way to show love and respect to Allah.

Before you start, make sure:

  1. You’re clean (in a state of wudu)
  2. You’re wearing proper clothes (ihram if you’re on Hajj or Umrah)
  3. You’ve made the intention in your heart to do Tawaf for Allah

How to Do Tawaf

  1. Start at the right spot: Begin at the corner of the Kaaba with the Black Stone.
  2. Walk counter-clockwise: Keep the Kaaba on your left as you go around.
  3. Do seven rounds: Each complete circle counts as one round.
  4. End where you started: Your seventh round should finish at the Black Stone corner.

You can say any prayers you like while doing Tawaf. Here are some ideas:

  • When you start: “In the name of Allah, Allah is the greatest.”
  • While walking: “Our Lord, give us good in this world and good in the next life.”
  • You can also ask Allah for what you need or thank Him.

Remember, it’s okay if you don’t know special prayers. Just talk to Allah from your heart.

Rules to Remember

  • Try to stay focused on Allah
  • Don’t eat while doing Tawaf
  • Avoid unnecessary talking
  • It’s okay to use a wheelchair if you need to

There are several types of Tawaf:

  1. Tawaf for Umrah
  2. Tawaf for Hajj
  3. Farewell Tawaf (when leaving Mecca)
  4. Extra Tawaf (you can do this anytime)

Why Seven Times?

We do Tawaf seven times because Allah told us to. The number seven is special in Islam and often means “many”. Doing Tawaf reminds us that our whole life should be about remembering Allah.

Keep On Reading

What Tawaf Means

Tawaf is more than just walking. It shows:

  • We put Allah at the center of our lives
  • All Muslims are equal (everyone does the same Tawaf)
  • We’re part of the big Muslim family

Tips for a Good Tawaf

  1. Take your time if you can
  2. If it’s crowded, be patient and kind
  3. Help others if they need it
  4. Keep your mind on Allah, not on finishing quickly
  5. Feel the special moment – you’re at Allah’s house!


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