ISIS-K attack in Kabul makes yet another massacre, Taliban leader allegedly killed

ISIS-K attack

Afghanistan AfghanistanThe security situation in the Taliban emir continues to plummet. Today there a new bloody attack that hit the capital Kabul has been recorded. An armed group attacked near the largest Afghan military hospital, Sardar Dawood Khan, killing over twenty and wounding at least 50.

The Islamic State-Khorasan (Is-K) claimed the attack, also stating that at the hospital main door, a terrorist detonated the explosive belt he was wearing before other militiamen stormed the structure and opened fire. A senior Taliban military commander was killed in an attempt to respond to the suicide and gun attack launched yesterday by ISIS against a hospital in the Afghan capital Kabul.

The authorities reported it. After the takeover of power in August, the Taliban are trying to give stability to the country. However, there has been a series of bloody attacks claimed by Isis rivals Khorasan in recent weeks. At least 19 people died in the Sardar Daud Khan military hospital attack yesterday; among them, Maulvi Hamdullah, called Mokhlis, a member of Haqqani’s armed wing and a special forces officer the Badri Corps. “When he learned that the hospital was under attack – said a spokesman for the Taliban – Maulvi Hamdullah, commander of the Kabul corps, immediately rushed to the scene. We tried to stop him, but he laughed. Later, we found out that he sacrificed in a hand-to-hand fight at the hospital “.

Meanwhile, new details have emerged on the action against the military hospital in Kabul. The attack – said a spokesman for the Taliban – began when a suicide bomber blew himself up near the structure entrance before the armed commandos broke into the hospital. In response, the Taliban army deployed special forces on the roof of the building with a helicopter stolen from the US-backed former Afghan government. In a statement released on its Telegram channels, ISIS-K then stated that “five fighters from the Islamic State group carried out simultaneous coordinated attacks” on the spot.

However, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid downplayed the death toll and said the attack had been quelled in 15 minutes thanks to the prompt intervention of their armed forces. In recent days, the Taliban defense minister Mohammed Yaqoub, son of the movement’s founder, Mullah Omar, made his first public appearance in the military hospital to ask Afghan people in business to invest in health facilities. After the complete withdrawal of NATO troops, his government ensured the country’s pacification and guaranteed the safety of all Afghans.

“This is the umpteenth demonstration that the war on the skin of the Afghan people continues, even now that the spotlights are off and the international institutions are gone,” denounced Emergency, which in its hospital welcomed dozens of wounded in the attack of Kabul, including two children, hit by shrapnel. All this, “amid a frightening economic, food and humanitarian crisis” involving “more than one in two Afghans.”



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