Israel Iron Fisted Over Revival Of Nuclear Deal With Iran


Israel IsraelHalf term Israeli PM Naftali Bennett has taken another step into political diplomacy as he met with US National Security Advisor to Iran recently. In his recent meeting he didn’t mince his words too much, as usual. He was direct is saying that he had reasons to call for negotiations to be halted with Iran, accusing the latter of “nuclear blackmail” and charging that revenue it gained from sanctions relief would be used to acquire weapons to harm Israelis.

Indeed, Israel is not in favor of any revival of Nuclear 2015 talks with Iran. Infact, it has criticized talks in Vienna to restore the 2015 deal negotiated between Tehran and major powers that saw Iran agree to curbs on its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. It was Jake Sullivan that landed in Israel for talks and not the other way around. He met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, who voiced “concern with Iran’s progress toward nuclear weapons under the cover of the negotiations in Vienna,” the president’s office said.

Over his trip, Mr. Sullivan will also be visiting the Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas in the occupied West Bank too. It might just be too late to revive the Nuclear Deal with Iran that is said to have been carrying out activity in its various nuclear plants.

While the deal went kaput under Trump’s presidency, Joe Biden’s administration now feels, even they might be too late to make a positive comeback on this. “It really depends on the pace of their nuclear process,” said Malley, the US special envoy for Iran.
“If they halt the nuclear advances, we have more time.

“If they continue at their current pace, we have some weeks left but not much more than that, at which point the conclusion will be there’s no deal to be revived,” he said. Iran says it only wants to develop a civil nuclear program but Western powers say its stockpile of enriched uranium goes well beyond that, and could be used to develop a weapons capability.



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