Israeli Foodtech Develops 3D Plant Based Vegan Alternatives To Meat

Vegan Meat

Its good news for animals and better news for meat eaters who can now have vegan meat. A disaster for the environment and unhealthy for animals, the use of meat has been in controversy for a long time.

Due to the kind of pressure, it puts on animal breeding, resources and their by-products as well, nothing is being considered healthy from the perspective of environment. The new alternative to meat is now vegan meat which is being made through 3D imaging and has been done by Israeli startup Plantish.

This Rehovot-based foodtech startup is developing a proprietary additive manufacturing technology to 3D-print a lookalike, taste-alike salmon filet analog at low cost and high scale. This is a good alternative and answer to problems facing the world today. Be it concerns of overfishing, antibiotics, hormones, mercury and microplastics are driving a worldwide wave of interest in plant-based and cultured alternatives to conventional fish.

Founded in March 2021, Plantish raised $2 million from TechAviv Founder Partners and angel investors including Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily.

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According to the cofounder and CEO Ofek Ron, the company’s purpose is “to save the oceans and eliminate the need to consume marine animals by providing more sustainable, more nutritious and more delicious fish options.” “Delicious” is the operative word.

“There are nearly endless opportunities to develop novel products that appeal to different markets around the world. But people will only buy them if they achieve taste and texture parity with conventional fish,” said Marika Azoff, corporate engagement specialist for the Good Food Institute (GFI), said in her recent state-of-the-industry report on alternative seafood.

For starters, the company’s Plantish Salmon will catch on with consumers only if it tastes authentic. And that’s not simple to accomplish when the main ingredients are legume proteins and algae extracts.



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