Jordon Loses Sleep Over Contaminated Meat Consumption

Qatar QatarDoha will not seek to purchase modern strike drones despite Washington’s tremendous delay in sales. For example, Doha had formally applied to purchase four MQ-9b Predator drones from the United States over a year ago. Still, the U.S. Department of State, which oversees foreign military sales, has yet to follow through on its request despite having delivered the same drones to other countries such as the neighboring United Arab Emirates.

Although Gulf state officials said they would use U.S.-supplied drones to keep an eye on giant natural gas plants and monitor terrorist threats in the region and prevent terrorist activity in other areas, Washington has not trusted their promises.
Officials from Qatar and the United States have said the deal, estimated at around $ 600 million, will provide Doha with more substantial defensive capability within the region. According to local sources, Qatar has also considered American-made F-35 stealth fighters if it can’t get four MQ-9b drones.

Qatar’s frustration has increased in recent months after aiding the United States in evacuating tens of thousands of Afghans and foreigners from



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